best recruitment agency to grow with your business

Our Top 6 Tips for Finding the Best Recruitment Agency to Grow with Your Business

Finding the best recruitment agency to grow with your business can be a difficult task and a critical decision to your organisation.

It is a daunting and time consuming task sifting through applications that may look good on paper only to find that they don’t stack up in the initial interview process. For this reason it is essential to have trust in a reputable recruitment agency whom have the ability to hone in on candidates whom have the relevant skill set, to help you successfully grow your business while saving you time, money and stress.

There are thousands of recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom alone and therefore selecting the agency for your employment needs can be a tricky decision if you are not au fait with the recruitment industry.

As recruitment specialists with a wealth of knowledge within the industry, we have compiled our top 6 tips to save you time, money and unnecessary stress when selecting the best recruitment agencies to grow with your business.

1. Understanding Your Staffing Needs

As your company grows your staffing needs will diversify and depending on your industry you may require contractors for short term projects or permanent staff whom play a pivotal role within the organisation.

A reputable recruitment agency should understand the dynamics of your industry and have the agility to place candidates based on your short or long term requirements. It is essential that the agency is interested in establishing a long term partnership as opposed to a single placement based on a large commission, ultimately the interest of both parties should be to build a lasting relationship that allows for the growth of your business and the need for more staff members provided by your specialist recruitment agency.

2. Experience in Your Sector

The agency does not necessarily need to be a specialist within your industry however they should be able to provide proven success and experience placing candidates in long terms roles within your sector.

Most mature agencies will have a rigid screening process for candidates which will ensure that only the best and most suitable applicants are put forward for the advertised role. The screening process should include a period of reference checking, by the agency, for the successful candidate to ensure that they are the best fit for the job from previous experiences in similar positions.

3. Success, Reputation and Testimonials

Running a recruitment agency is one thing, running a successful recruitment agency is another, for this reason we screen every recruitment agency that signs up to Recruit My Job, ensuring each client has access to the best recruitment agency to grow with your business.

There are a number of influential factors that contribute to building trust with a recruitment agency, the three elements that never fail are the success of the agency, their reputation and testimonials from their clients. How do you define the success of an agency, we strongly advise that you request an overview of their past placements within your industry with permission to seek testimonials from a number of their clients. By doing this you are receiving honest, unbiased feedback which will quickly give you a sense of their reputation.

4. Post Candidate Communication

There are too many agencies in the market that think their role in the recruitment process ends once the candidate signs their contract, it goes so much further than that! A good recruitment agency will support the candidate from the first interview, right the way through to their first day in the workplace. This support by the agency will steer the candidate away from accepting offers from other job opportunities.

The communication should not only be between the agency and the candidate but the agency and the business to ensure that all parties are satisfied, this is a good sign that the agency is serious about a long term partnership with you.

5. Trust and Personality

As obvious as this may seem it is the old cliche of `trust your gut instinct`, the recruitment agency may have fulfilled all of the essential criteria however there needs to be an element of trust combined with a personal touch.

If you strike up a relationship with your dedicated recruitment consultants there is a far better chance that you will be their first port of call when the relevant candidate is available. Above all you need to trust that your recruitment agency is willing to grow with your business and deliver on their promises.

6. Costs or Investment

To use the word cost would be incorrect, at Recruit My Job we firmly believe that recruiting the right candidate is always an investment and value added to your business. The cost of employing the wrong person can be far greater than investing in the most expensive recruitment agency, however Recruit My Job has handed the power over to you as the client to decide what agency fee you are willing to pay to the best recruitment agency to grow with your business.

If you are a client looking to connect with meticulously vetted recruitment agencies or a recruitment agency dedicated to delivering the best candidates then Recruit My Job is the platform for you.

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