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How it works: Clients

So, how does it work for clients?

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Post a job - it’s FREE!

    Our simple to use form allows you to post a job for FREE online, in 2 minutes. Tell us the role, location and the fee you are willing to pay a recruitment agency, along with your details to get the ball rolling…

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    3 specialist agents within 3 days

    We send your vacancy to carefully vetted recruitment agencies who specialise in the skills you are looking for and are then given the chance to buy your job. You’ll get 3 specialist agents contact you within 3 days of you posting a job.

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Payment on your terms

    You choose what you pay. When you post a job for free online you set the fee you are willing to pay and the agencies will agree to your fee before getting in touch. You can be assured there will be no awkward negotiations!

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Leave us honest feedback

    Once the role has been filled, come back and leave us feedback so we can make Recruit My Job even better! We only work with the BEST agencies in the market, and with your feedback we’ll keep working to the highest standards.

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    Happy Client. Happy Agency!

    Job done!

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Post a job for free online

How do we compare to dealing direct with a recruitment agency?

Dealing with Recruit My Job
  • You dictate the fee from the start
  • We work with specialist agencies in particular fields
  • You’ll only receive calls from 3 approved RMJ agencies
  • Access to larger network of higher quality candidates
  • We only use handpicked agencies, who are the current specialists in their field
  • Post a job for free online
  • Recruiters have to purchase the clients details, committing to ‘buy in’ to your vacancy
Dealing direct with ‘typical’ Recruitment Agencies
  • Fees often negotiated late in the process
  • Dealing with ‘jack of all trades’ recruitment agencies
  • Wasted time taking irrelevant agency calls
  • Restricted candidate pool from the same agencies
  • Preferred Supplier List’s become complacent and outdated
  • Time consuming and frustrating process
  • Hard to know how committed the agency is to fill the role

How it works: Agencies

So, how does it work for agencies?

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Become a member

    Stop wasting time making endless cold calls to try and find new clients. Sign up to Recruit My Job and change the way you work forever.

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Start receiving requests from clients looking to hire talent via recruitment agencies

    Clients need agencies and Recruit My Job is the place to find them! They post their job with the fee they’re willing to pay and you are alerted to matched jobs via email and your own Recruit My Job dashboard.

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Buy selected jobs

    With a click of a button purchase matched jobs and receive full contact details of the client. The client will also be notified who to expect a call from. We only allow 3 agencies to purchase each job reducing competition.

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Work on a job with the client

    Deal directly with the client to build your relationship; we do not get in the way! We allow you to do what you’re best at – filling jobs!

  • Recruit My Job Ltd
    Fill the position!

    When you have successfully filled the position we allow you to invoice the client directly and keep 100% of the invoice! No hidden costs!

    Do a good job and you have gained a new client for life!




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How do we compare to dealing direct with a client?

Dealing with Recruit My Job
  • Does all your business development for you – saving you time and money to concentrate on delivery
  • You can select which jobs you work on and which you are confident in filling resulting in a higher chance of successful placement
  • All jobs sent to you will be live. The client has invested time and shown commitment by uploading the vacancy to RMJ
  • Clients will be waiting for contact and expecting your call as they are notified by RMJ who will be calling them
  • Fees are agreed before any contact is made so everyone knows where they stand saving a huge amount of time
  • Only 2 other agencies will be introduced via RMJ maximising your chance of filling the position
  • Higher chance of getting fresh vacancies increasing chances of filling the role
  • New starters can start delivering and billing from day 1 of joining you
Dealing direct with ‘typical’ clients
  • Spending hours, days and sometimes months just to find clients that are not only looking at hiring staff but happy to use agencies
  • After spending all that time searching for the ideal client, chances are the role they are looking to fill isn’t your specialism!
  • A lot of time can be wasted working on roles which have not yet been signed off.
  • Clients not taking cold calls anymore and not replying to your marketing emails
  • Awkward conversations when negotiating fees which usually happen after a lot of time already invested
  • Working on vacancies against numerous other agencies lowering success rate
  • Picking up jobs that have already been worked meticulously by other agencies
  • Slow return on investment with new starters as they take time to build up a customer base