Why the Top Recruitment Agencies in London Choose Recruit My Job?

Why the top recruitment agencies in London choose Recruit My Job?

In 2017 there were around 1,000,000 jobs filled by recruitment agencies across the UK which should be no surprise, with the top recruitment agencies in London supporting more than 300,000 jobs in and around the city.

London has become synonymous with some of the top recruitment agencies the country has to offer, supporting a large job market which yields up to 75% of the nation’s annual Gross Domestic Product. A number of large Insurance and Banking organisations along with international Law Firms have established their headquarters in and around London, which has resulted in a wealth of skilled labour with 62% of the workforce having obtained an NVQ4 or higher meaning the marketplace is of a competitive manner.

With a great demand to fulfil a varied array of job positions, like any other industry the world of recruitment is becoming forever more reliant on a quicker, easier recruitment process!

So why do the top recruitment agencies in London choose Recruit My Job?

1. There is no Need for Business Development and Cold Calls

On average recruiters spend 20 hours a week making cold calls which more than often results in no business. With Recruitmyjob.com you can forget about wasting time with cold calls as you receive relevant and live job postings straight into your mailbox from clients who are looking to work with recruitment agencies, allowing you to carefully select jobs you know you can fill.

2. Cost Effective Solution – No Hidden Costs

Joining hundreds of top recruitment agencies in London and further a field could not be easier or more cost effective! Simply sign up as an agency, select your industries of interest and start to receive live jobs straight to your mailbox.

An exclusive annual subscription is as little as £360* per year (most likely less than you spend on coffee a year), which includes an additional user worth £120 as well as 1 free credit worth £99 – a total saving of £219!

3. There is no Charge for Repeat Business

Once you purchase a job through Recruitmyjob.com the client details are yours forever, deal directly with the client to build your relationship – meaning any repeat business you do with the client we do not charge for.

Essentially, by purchasing a job through Recruitmyjob.com not only do you have the opportunity to fill a position and earn the agreed fee but you are cutting your business development time by hours every week – the client is yours to build a relationship and do repeat business for as long as you want.

4. Agencies keep 100% of the fee

As an agency, it is your responsibility to find a suitable candidate and present him or her to the potential client, in doing so we feel it is only fair that you keep 100% of the agreed agency fee when the position is successfully filled. The agency fees are determined by the client allowing you as the agency to agree the terms and conditions at the time of purchasing the job.

5. Precise, Powerful and Straight Forward

Once signed up to Recruitmyjob.com, with a click of a button purchase matched jobs and receive the full contact details of the client. The client will also be notified to expect a call from you eradicating any sense of a cold call. We only allow 3 agencies to purchase each job reducing competition ensuring that you as an agency can do what you do best, recruiting!

As a recruitment agency with Recruitmyjob.com you not only join hundreds of top recruitment agencies in London with access to thousands of live jobs on a daily basis but you are assigned a Recruitmyjob.com account manager who will help you every step of the way.

With a huge demand for qualified candidates in and around London, powerfully precise recruitment is a necessity – why waste time cold calling when you can have jobs delivered directly to your mailbox with Recruitmyjob.com.

Sign up today and start a revolution in recruitment.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a demo please contact us on hello@recruitmyjob.com or call us on 03333 209899